How to Bring Back the Joy of Motherhood

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How to Bring Back the Joy of Motherhood

I am a proud Mom of a sixteen-month-old beautiful boy. During the first year of motherhood, I stayed home with my son and had no help. And at first I wanted it that way. I went to tons of Mommy and Baby groups and “support” classes but I found that most of them came up short. It felt like there was a lot of information that was thrown at me. What I should do, when and how I should do it etc. While some of it was welcomed advice, more often then not, I felt like a lot of it didn’t apply to me and my baby. He was either too young or too old for the techniques I was learning. Or, the suggestions just didn’t jive with my values and beliefs on how we wanted to raise our son. What I really was looking for was someone to listen to me. I wanted someone to affirm that I shouldn’t feel guilty when I decided to stop breastfeeding at three months because I wanted to get my life and body back. I wanted someone to encourage me to go after my goals and dreams. I wanted to hear that it was ok to do things just for me and that I wasn’t being selfish for even thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong, I have an incredible, supportive husband, but sometimes men just don’t get it. Even when they try to. And my girlfriends also had good intentions but were at different stages than I was. Some had older kids and some don’t have kids at all. I felt overwhelmed, guilty, stressed and isolated. Instead of giving in to these frustrating feelings, I took action. I decided to make it my mission to become the support for other new moms that I couldn’t find for myself. When my son was six months old, I enrolled in a Certification program to become a Life Coach. And I made new Moms my focus. My goal is to listen, support, challenge and encourage women to be the best they can be. To remind them that they were women before they were Moms. Through individual and group coaching, I help new moms work through some of the challenges they face with motherhood to create a happier more balanced life. I work with them to find their own answers, and teach them how to listen to themselves and do what feels right for their families. I strongly believe that a happy mom is a happy family. So if you are a new mom and feel overwhelmed, guilty and stressed out and wish you could feel the joy of motherhood without the guilt that you aren’t measuring up call or email me today. You don’t have to go through it alone.

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