How to Embarrass Your Teenager

by admin

How to Embarrass Your Teenager

It seems every time I post something on Facebook, it is apparently stupid, inappropriate, embarrassing, or some other awful thing. My seventeen-year-old daughter seems to be my censor.

The kids have programmed the stations on our car radio and yes I have to admit I like the music. So, I am driving along and hear this song that I really like. It is called Motivation by Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne, it has a great tune, sounds kind of sexy but hey, it is called Motivation so it must be about getting something done or inspiring someone, at least that is what I was thinking. So, I get home and post it on Facebook. Ping, five minutes later my seventeen-year-old daughter sends me a blackberry message, “Mom, why would you post that song on your wall?” Apparently mom’s are not supposed to have any sexuality at all and certainly should not advertise that we know about it.

Ok, did I really listen to the lyrics? No. Did I bother to look up the lyrics when I got home? No. But seriously, I am so tired of my daughter censoring everything I post that I didn’t take it down. But, I did look up the lyrics.

Well, yes the first stanza alone is enough to tell me it is about sex, whoops! “ Oh lover don’t you dare slow down, Go longer you can last more rounds, Push harder you’re almost there now, so go lover, make mama proud.” All I heard was about making someone proud. And how was I supposed to know that doing the dishes has anything to do with oral sex? “I put her on my plate then I do the dishes” Really?  All I was thinking was that motivation, doing the dishes was awesome; a guy who does the dishes what could be better . . .

But guess what, I didn’t take my post down. I just deleted all her friends so she no longer has to be embarrassed of me and the things I like. After all, it’s my life and my wall!