How to Have a Happy Mother’s Day

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How to Have a Happy Mother’s Day

Deep down, even on those days when you’ve cleaned up the kitchen umpteen times, you know your family appreciates all that you do. Do we really need a greeting card holiday to make us feel special? Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt and right now, your loved ones are probably thinking about how to mark the day and make it special for you. Here are a few ideas for taking the day in stride and enjoying the occasion.

Manage your expectations
Hallmark may say you should be queen for a day. But let’s get real. Despite your family’s best attempts, even on Mother’s Day, you’ll probably still be the one packing the diaper bag, picking up dirty laundry off the floor and putting away the toys. That’s okay. It comes with the territory of being “chief household officer.” Instead of resenting the fact that the day is not an entire day off, try to manage what you expect from your loved ones and get into a gracious mindset going in. If they pull out all the stops and surprise you—even better. If not quite, you’ll still feel appreciative that they made the effort. 

Help plan your day (even at the last minute)
It would nice if your husband or partner could send you for a day of beauty and spa treatments. But thanks to economic and other practical concerns, for most of us, pampering will have to take place close to home. That’s okay. If what you’d like to do is have an hour to browse at the book store or go to that yoga class you always want to go to (but can never make), tell your family and say that’s what you’d like. Reduce the pressure of shopping for a gift for you by letting them know what you’d really enjoy is a little time off … and then schedule it! Tell your husband when the class starts or what time you’d like to split up so he can watch the kids while you grab a tea and a good book. 

Make every day Mother’s Day
As for time for you, you shouldn’t wait for the big day once a year to catch a break. Try to work with your family to give you the “you-time” you need amid everything you do every day. Your family needs to see you taking care of yourself to understand how essential it really is to your overall well-being. Whether it’s asking your partner to watch the kids before work so you can go for a jog or arranging for help so you can go to book club or shopping with a friend, you deserve it and need that time off. It should be an essential. 

Celebrate you
Take stock of all of your hard work and remember to pat yourself on the back (and your own mom’s back, too). Do something nice for yourself on Mother’s Day and every day. Sit down for a meal, buy yourself flowers, call/email/text girlfriends regularly. Keep a journal so you can look back and see all you have achieved (sometimes recognizing how wonderful you are can be tough when your day ends in a blur.) 

Hail to the Chief
Focus on your mom if you are lucky enough to have her in your life. Schedule a phone date or better yet, a special outing with your mother.  Many of us only truly understood the gifts mom gave us when we became mothers ourselves. Show your appreciation for all of her hard work on Mother’s Day and as often as you can and you’ll feel great.

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