How I got my dream job

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How I got my dream job

How I got my dream job {I go to work with my kids}
Spotlight on Sheneka Majors President and Owner of Major Multimedia in San Diego, California
by Amylu Weas

Introduction: Sheneka Majors is an entertainment consultant living in San Diego with her spouse and fourchildren.

AW: Sheneka, how did your start come about, tell me about your first experience that led you to wade in the waters of such a competitive business?

SM: Major Multimedia is inspired by my older son, Tyshun AKA T.Oak$. This first experience was the catalyst to the start of my entertainment / management career. At the time he first performed live before an audience, his energy, he was not shy, the way he moved and excited the crowd, enlightened my senses to the fact that my son T.Oak$ has “it”. The “It Factor”. I saw talent that lent immediately to my saying to him “let’s do this” and together we decided I’d be best to manage his music career.

AW: Does the work that you, do beginning with T.Oak$ music management, aid to pave the way for your other children’s interest to be in entertainment, or do you channel the charismatic family energies, the kids or little of both?

SM: I would have to say a little of both. I have 4 talented children. They sing, model, act and play musical instruments. They have all been involved in the industry but yes, seeing their older brother and I work so hard together inspires them to use their special gifts.

AW: What do parents most commonly ask you first when they contact you for a consultation?

SM: The most common question people ask when they contact me for consultations is “HOW”. They typically know or have heard our story and they want to know how to do it? Where do I find the time? How do I keep upwith it all? What is needed to get their kids started? I always start by letting them know what a huge commitment it is. The amount of travel involved and sometimes money.

AW: How does a typical day in management go and how does that empower your consulting work?

SM: An average day for me typically involves dedicated time looking for opportunities to further my clients careers. I do a lot of searching on the internet and occasionally I will go to malls or public places to stay on top of current fads and trends. We have weekly meetings to ensure we are on target with our short and long term goals. I have them attending interviews, auditions, photo-shoots and music showcases quite often. I must say the kids are becoming young professionals. Prepping them for booked jobs within 24 hours notice seems to be the most challenging; the clothes, the hair, the ‘do we have everything?’…etc. Since I have done most of the leg work for my own kids, the consulting has come fairly natural.

AW: Do you think kids getting into entertainment is bigger business than ever and will keep growing?

SM: I do not think it is any smaller or bigger than it has been in any other time in our history. We have always had child stars and will continue to. Life, fads, and trends travel in cycles and today we have the Biebers and BTR’s but 10 years ago it was the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and Lil Bow Wow; 10 years before that we had New Kids on the Block and the cast of Saved By the Bell.
I am trying to have clients carry the torch from yesterdays child entertainers to tomorrows house hold names of child stars.

AW: Like any position you have plenty of work to balance but you are proof the rewards are worth it! You are building a work community and developing a child’s future in entertainment arts, while spending quality time with your kids on the job. In closing tell us:

What are your next steps in your business?

SM: My goal is to build a Major Multimedia Nation. I am working hard to get T.OAK$’ music career on a national level. I foresee a record deal coming his way in the near future. We also are working on a demo project for my younger son Devin who has an amazing singing voice. He will be recording a few of the songs in French, which is his second language, so that should be intriguing. We also will be working on more television debuts and commercials for all of the kids. Ultimately, I look forward to building my clientele and making it easier for people to break into the business without spending a fortune. It is so easy to get suckered into paying tons of cash to get in the industry and my goal is to help individuals like myself by simplifying the process. At the end of the day I want to empower families that have a desire to entertain and turn their dreams into realities.

AW: The perfect ending to Shenka Majors most hectic day?

Sheneka Majors was able to end her real estate professional employment once she realized T.Oak$ and her other 3 children had talent and potential to succeed pursing their dreams. Helping to make that happen is the perfect end and start of each day lived fully!