How Much Is a Dime Worth?

by admin

How Much Is a Dime Worth?

We didn't have much growing up, but we had everything we needed. Every once in a great while, my dad would give me some pennies, or a nickel, but on this particular day my dad gave me a dime. I was so excited. I must have been around seven years of age, and all I had on my mind was a bottle of pop and that dime I had in my hand. I ran out of the house with my money in my hand, and when I got to the stone driveway, the BIG stone driveway, I dropped my dime. Everything changed in an instant. I went from pure joy into panic mode. I looked and I looked, but I couldn't find the dime. The silver from the dime blended in so nicely with the gray stones. Where did it go? I heard it hit the stones. I know I heard it! My dime was lost. I went into the house and told my dad I lost the dime. I asked him for another dime. He said, "No!" No? Dad said he didn't have another dime. So I went back out and looked and cried and looked some more. Never before had something been given to me, that meant so much to me, that I lost. I never could find that dime, but I learned some very good lessons that day. I never again lost another coin.

I realize now, more than ever, had dad given me another dime I would not have learned much from this experience. The results were lasting and valuable. This might seem a little harsh to some, but there are consequences in life. It was better that I learned that lesson over a dime than something much more detrimental. We sometimes try too hard to shelter our children from pain and sorrow. Or we try to "make it all better" when our children are in pain. We all need to go through the pain and sorrows of life. We will never fully appreciate the joy that happiness brings if we don't know what the pain of sorrow feels like.

So, how much is a dime worth? To "coin" a phrase, to me a dime is priceless.