How Much Weight Should a Woman Gain During Pregnancy?

by admin

How Much Weight Should a Woman Gain During Pregnancy?

I know it’s hard not to keep counting the pounds – especially when you’re constantly being weighed at the doctor’s office and sized up by everyone around you, but there is a sane way through.

The first thing you need to remember is that every pregnancy is different. Some women gain TONS (50+ pounds), while others gain very little (15 pounds).

The “medical” answer actually lies in your pre-pregnancy body weight. Meaning, how much weight you “should” gain depends on whether you were underweight, average weight or overweight before you were pregnant.
For example, (according to the charts) at 6’1” and 132 pounds you are classified as underweight. This means a healthy weight gain for you would be between 28 to 45 pounds.

Sound like a LOT? It is, BUT there are a couple of things you have to remember.

Firstly, not ALL of your weight gain is FAT! Some of that weight gain is:

• baby (6-8 lbs),
• placenta (1.5 lbs),
• amniotic fluid (2 lbs),
• uterine enlargement (2 lbs),
• maternal blood volume (3-4 lbs),
• maternal breast tissue (1-2 lb),
• maternal body fluid (4 lbs) and
• maternal fat stores (roughly 7 lbs).

Secondly, weight gain is healthy; it means your baby is growing nicely. If you’re active, eating healthy and not taking your pregnancy for granted (a lot of people use pregnancy as a ticket to eat everything and anything that they want by binging on chocolate, ice cream, and deserts), your weight gain during pregnancy and your weight loss afterwards won’t be an issue.

Try not to get too hung up on the weight gain charts. Use the numbers as guidelines only and try not to weigh yourself too.

For more on figuring out your own pre-pregnancy body weight category and the healthy weight gain range for you, check out my site at www.pregnancywithoutpounds.com