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How to Pick the Right Daycare

If you are looking for a daycare then these are things you should look for. One would be to ask what kind of degrees the teachers need to obtain a job in the childcare field. Second, look at all the classrooms and see what goes on daily. Third, ask what is needed for your child to enroll in the center; if it is a place you like, also ask what the ratio is for the classroom you are enrolling your child or children in. Ask about after care if you have school agers and if they take them to school and pick up from school. Also ask if you get a discount for having more than one child. Again, ask a lot of questions about certifications of the teachers and how long they have been in the field.
I work in a daycare center and know what goes on after the parents leave for the day. Teachers will slap the kids or spank them. They will even isolate them from the class so long they forget about them. Not all daycares are bad; there are some really nice ones. Lapetite and kinder care are some good daycares to name a few. Every city has different certifications for teachers to work in daycare.

Some take babies as young as six weeks old and as old as twelve years. I hope this info helps all those new mothers or helps those looking for childcare. Home daycares are even out there but they, too, can have ups and downs. Not enough staff or too small because they are in someone’s home. The upside to home daycare is that they get one on one attention. Lots of activities. You make the choice. I am just a book of knowledge here to help.

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