How to Prepare Your Family for the First Day of School

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How to Prepare Your Family for the First Day of School

…and Keep the Momentum Going for the Whole School Year

The relaxation of summer is coming to an end and our minds and bodies need to do a complete 180; suddenly the whole family is back to strict schedules and to-do’s. Getting back into the swing of things can take some time and can leave even your little ones stressed out. Here’s how to get your children, and yourself, ready to take on the school year together as a family. By following these back-to-school tips you’ll be sure to capture your children’s smiling faces in the annual First Day of School photo and keep them smiling the whole way through.

  1. Establish (and stick to) a routine |Did your family stay up watching fireworks, the Olympics, or stay in bed on rainy days all summer? A sleep pattern is one of the most difficult things to adjust, and can be difficult to combat the night before school starts. Slowly introduce reasonable bedtimes and encourage waking up at the same time every morning, with or without obligations.
  2. Organize & plan |Talk as a family about morning expectations before running off to school and work. It could take a few days to get timing perfect from waking up, getting ready, and getting out the door – so practice! Plan for the morning the night before, lay out clothes and pack backpacks so that nothing gets lost in the rush to the bus.
  3. Relax|Take time to sit down and reflect as a family on what you accomplished together this summer the night before school starts. Organize all of your summer photos in one place using the Woven app on your smartphone, tablet, or e-reader, for seamless viewing – album by album. Gather the family for a viewing party and relive vacation memories to spark fond feelings before closing the summer chapter. Your child will be more prepared than ever to answer the age-old question: “What did you do this summer?”

This is the start to a new, exciting and sure-to-be eventful year for your family. If you feel like your family is going backwards as the school year gets going, be sure to take time to refresh and go back to these simple steps. It’s easy to get off track, but the best way to get going again is to reflect on the past and envision the future. The emotional power that photos can have is often underestimated. Get lost in your photo memories, reminiscing on family and fun, and you’ll be motivated and encouraged to create more throughout the year. Reliving annual events like Halloween parties and holiday gatherings through photos will give your family something to look forward to in the near future and keep the momentum going all year long.

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