How Quickly They Grow

by admin

How Quickly They Grow

Today my son had a birthday party to go to. I was grumpy before it began. Actually, WAY before it began.

Work had been crazy, and I was tired and cranky all week. And between Scouts, school, and work-related activities, there was something on nearly every night of the week. And due to my poor planning for my “off-day” the day before, I was running around last minute getting a present.

Thanks to my husband’s willingness to haul my butt wherever we need to go, so I don’t have to deal with horrendous traffic caused by the numerous construction projects going on, we arrived at the party place on time. So at least I wasn’t cranky about that.

We got settled in the party place and I started to relax. As I talked with my mom friends, we sat watching our boys playing together. Are these the same little boys that I knew two years ago? I hardly recognized them. Their faces aren’t so much like little boy faces anymore. Not so soft and full. They’re taller and leaner now, too. They still like to jump in the bouncy plaything, climb and slide, and toss around in the ball pit. But I can see glimpses of the young men that they’ll grow into. It’s a happy and sad feeling all at the same time.

They all sat together having cake and watching their friend open his presents, and smiled their big, silly, cheesy smiles for the group photograph. I had to laugh. It was great. And one of those moments in time that I’ll always remember.