How Was School Today?

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How Was School Today?

Loyal listeners of our Manic Mommies podcast know that I have two boys who are very different. Anyone who has ever met them comments on the fact that one is a talker who won’t stop to take a breath (like his mother) and the other barely says a word.

This year should be interesting for Brendan, my youngest son’s preschool teacher. She’s the same teacher who had my oldest, Tommy, two years ago. Yesterday, after the first full day of preschool, I asked my boy of few words how he enjoyed his first day and got very little in response. Half-kidding, I asked, “Did you talk to anyone?”

And then I asked his teacher, “Did he talk today?”

Tommy, on the other hand, fills me in with all sorts of details, including where he sat on the bus (the back), why his water bottle was still half full (he was playing with it so it got taken away), how many trips he made to the bathroom (four), and what his one sticker was for (for doing awesome work). His words, not mine.

If you’re the parent of a child who tells little about what happens at school, you might find this resource on the PBS Parents site quite helpful. It’s no secret I am a fan of PBS, and great resources like this is why. You won’t find this stuff on the Cartoon Network home page.

“Parents can ask, ‘How was your day?’ but children often can’t answer. It’s asking kids to boil down every aspect of their day into one response. And that’s hard for kids (and even grown ups) to do! What a child might really want to say is, ‘My day was so complex, it was jam-packed with classes and social problems that I can’t even begin to tell you. After all, I’m only in second grade!’”

“However, the parent is still starved for information and thinks it’s important to know the details, but actually not all details are important.”

By Michael Thompson Ph.D., author, The Pressured Child