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I am so proud! My son graduated from college Sunday!

Now, when he and his sister graduated from high school they both enrolled in college, but neither of them followed through. Having read somewhere that my children’s generation would be the first to not surpass their parents’ achievement in life I found this distressing. Being a college graduate myself, I tried to empress on them the fact that higher education meant higher salaries (although secretly I couldn’t blame them, I hated school and when I finally got out of high school I felt like I had been sprung out of jail. I had no intentions of going to college, but that’s another story).

So I sat back and waited. I figured a few years of working back-breaking jobs for little pay would get to them and he and his sister would both wake up and go back to school. And nobody was happier than me when they both did. One of my son’s professors was so pleased with his performance in class that he is sending recommendations to people he knows in my son’s field of study. Fellow classmates who are striking out on their own and starting their own businesses have asked him to join them in their endeavors.

I asked my son what he wanted to do now that he has his degree. I was shocked, but pleasantly surprised when he said he intended to go on and get a higher degree.