Hurry Up and Wait Game

by Louise Aspden

Hurry Up and Wait Game

I spent some time this past weekend at the airport. I call air travel the “hurry up and wait game.” We rush to get to the airport early, and wait to get a parking spot. We rush to check in, and wait in line. We rush to security, and wait in line. We rush to the gate, and wait to be boarded. We board and then sit in the plane and wait to take off, etc.


This is a microcosmic example for many lives out there.


I see it all around me. Rush, Rush, Rush. Get ready for work, get the kids to school, drive to work, get work done, get lunch, get home, get dinner, help with homework or extra curricular events, get ready for bed, etc.


Sound familiar?


If you are not doing this I will bet that you know one or two people who do. I know there are some people who thrive on this kind of lifestyle, although I question how truly happy they are. Busy-ness is a great escape from the pain and emptiness everyone faces in their lives.


Many of us stay on this hamster wheel of life until something outside of our control knocks us off. This can be illness, death or any other crisis that wakes us up. I have managed to stay on a pretty even keel most of my life, but I did have a time when my career became intense and my life became stressful. It took my fathers words on his deathbed to wake me up!


I have learned that in every situation in my life I have a choice as to how much of myself I will put into it. I came to this place through a lot of personal work of my own through reading, training and coaching.




I will share a couple of quick tips that will help you take the first steps towards a more balanced and joyful life today:


1. Choose one of the most important values you live by in your life. It can be family time, fitness, money, faith, education, or fun.


2. Choose one or two commitments in your life that you are struggling with.


3. Now look at those commitments and how they fit within living your life based on your value of ________. Chances are it doesn’t fit very well and that is where the struggle comes from.


4. Now see if you can find one small step you can take to either let go of that commitment or find a way to make that commitment fit within the values you need to honor in your life.


If you are struggling with this exercise, send me an e-mail or post a comment. I will commit to helping you figure it out—no charge. By the way, this is me honoring my value of helping others live more joyful lives.