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Hurt Baby — No One Helps

I was walking in the park and came across a cry; I know it’s a baby cry but I was wondering why no one else heard it or tried to help. I walked closer to the portapotty and I came aware that it was coming from inside. I look around one more time and no one notices. I open the door and look down the hole and there was a newborn baby girl in a pinkish white dress and waste all over her. I pick her up trying to not get nothing on me by picking her up by her dress but I made sure I wasn’t choking her or about to bump her head. I eventually get her out and she’s not as messy as when I first seen her, so I put her on my shoulder and comfort her and look around and seen nothing so I start to walk off …

What does this dream mean? Any help, please. It scared me and I can’t forget about it.

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