I Felt It in My Heart

by admin

I Felt It in My Heart

A pleasant day to all.

I’m a simple mother with two children. My eldest is already six years old, and my youngest is seven months old. We are living in an island now, with a low level of living. My husband is a tricycle driver here in our place. Our financial income seems really very low. But even though this is our standing now, I’m still thankful to God because we are happy and content with what we have.

Now that it’s December time again and I have a small baby, we are out of budget, but I do thank God for my little boy, who is now six years old, and I do understand our situation. We do not have lots of money now, so we must be happy and must be content, instead of some wishing we were like others who can buy what they want.

My boy used to ask me for just a piece of bread. I’d answer him that I will just buy it for him later if I have money, not now, just wait. He just smiles at me, even though I felt it in my heart that he was hurting inside. I hurt too because I cannot give my son what he wants and what he asks for, even if it is small. and I often see in his eyes how he wishes us to be like what he sees, like other people who can buy what they want … I really feel in my heart that he knows where we stand. my really give my heart a strength to face life. He is so happy with my little girl, now that they are now my two angels. I often see that they feel love for each other. My boy seems that his day cannot be complete; if he sees his little sister crying, he cries too.