I Finally Met the Boss – It’s a Little Man!

by admin

I Finally Met the Boss – It’s a Little Man!

After seven weeks of severe morning sickness, four admissions to the hospital for extreme nausea and vomiting, losing thirty pounds, and sixteen weeks of pregnancy, I finally met who’s in charge. Strangely, I had this misconception that this was my body. I agreed to share my body with this little person in exchange for us loving each other forever. I thought if I were good to my body and provided this little one with the vitamins and nutrients that are required to ensure a safe environment and a smooth delivery that the little one would be appreciative.

What was I thinking? All this little one has to do is accept my choices in food, agree to accept the prenatal vitamins, and swim all day. In return I wanted to feel great, never ever be sick, gain the required amount of weight, get to eat whatever I wanted, and prepare for the delivery.

Now to our chance meeting. A sixteen-week ultrasound for gender identification is possible if the planets are aligned and everyone participates. We weren’t sure that it would work but we tried it anyway. I know I’ve been home too long because I’m able to identify shapes and shadows on the ultrasound, courtesy of Discovery Channel. As my husband and I looked at the ultrasound I blurted out, “Is that a penis?” The technician laughed and replied, “Yes, you saw it, too!”

Let me tell you, this little one was not shy either; his legs were wide open. Then he started to do other tricks; sucking his thumb, then what appeared to be him sucking his toes. We were thoroughly entertained; he never stopped moving. Now at eighteen weeks after having had three girls, I’m thinking of baby boy names instead of baby girls for once in my life. I’m excited! Now I have another man in my life! Many blessings, ladies!