I Just Don’t “No”

by admin

I Just Don’t “No”

Discipline is so darn tricky and so easily botched. Only 12 twelve of moms reported having a hard time saying “NO” to their children.

But what I want to know is when you say no, do you actually stick to your guns?

“Listen. Look at me! If that behavior continues, we are going to leave. I’m serious. We are going to walk out right now!”

This laying down of the law is followed by your best stern look. Which is then followed by more of the same behavior. Which is then followed by you saying to yourself, “Crap, am I going to deliver on this threat? Why did I say we would leave? That was a stupid thing for me to say.” You think about the fact that :

a) we just got here
b) I don’t want to leave
c) my other kids won’t want to leave
d) we have been looking forward to this
e) it will let down other parties involved.

One of you admitted: I probably say it too much, since my toddler likes to mock me, saying “mommy says no, no, no.”

50 percent of us have copped to spanking a child.
80 percent of us have had to discipline someone else’s child.

One of my favorite things about parenthood is sharing some of these challenging moments with my mom friends. Invariably and one of you has an ingenious suggestion to help me with whatever is this week’s latest issue. Even if it doesn’t work with my kids, it’s good to have a plan to try. And not that misery loves company, but it’s good to know someone has been down that road before.

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