The “I Know” Monster Stole My Kid

by admin

The “I Know” Monster Stole My Kid

The “I KNOW” monster has reared its ugly head today in our home. Yes … it finally has made its way here and we cannot get rid of it! The “I KNOW” monster has stolen my kid! 

You know the “I KNOW” monster, because …well …I know you do. We all do. It grabs us while we are sleeping, usually about the time we turn thirteen and does not let go of that tight grip on us until we realize that … we DON’T know everything. And of course you KNOW that can take years! 

In the meantime, frustrated parents try to explain how to do this or that … and all they hear is “I KNOW” which will drive most adults nuts. It is how my parents got grey hair. Why? Because we know that they don’t know everything. We have been there … remember?

One of our sons wanted to make spaghetti tonight for dinner, but when we tried to explain why you put the sauce in with the meat to simmer he insisted that we must boil the pasta in the sauce. Never mind that he has eaten it the way I have cooked it for all thirteen years of his life and watched me make it numerous times, but all we heard was, “I KNOW! I know how to do this so let me do it!”

Well … if it was how to make a bed or scrub a toilet I don’t think I would have objected, but this was our family’s dinner we are talking about. So, what did we do? We let him do it his way. It was gross. It was a goppy, gooey mess and the meat was hard and chewy but he insisted during the entire meal that it was “the best spaghetti he’d ever eaten” and tried to get all of us to agree with him. Nobody did and that just made the monster more upset. My husband and I just looked at each other.

Later crawling into bed, I turned to my husband and said, “The ‘I KNOW’ monster is here. We weren’t ready for it yet but it is here and we have to put up with it until it grows up.”  

All he could say was, “I know, I know, I KNOW! Remember back when we had it? That sucked.”