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I Love My Mommies

I remember sitting on the couch at one of the happiest and most anticipated baby showers I had ever attended. The food was hearty and delicious, interesting conversation could be heard as sets of people just hung out all over the place. Some on the deck, some in the kitchen, some in the living room and some joined me as I gravitated to a spot in the finished basement where I ended up scoring one of the best seats in the house. As I was taking in, the atmosphere with all of the happy decorations and brown- and pink-themed patterns, I looked up and there read an adorable sign that someone had made for the parents-to-be. Simply put the sign read, I LOVE MY MOMMIES! Yes you read that correctly, the sign said, I LOVE MY MOMMIES. Here I was at a baby shower where two women, committed to each other, had made the brave decision to have a baby. By making this decision, it forced them to expose themselves and reveal who they really were. Two people had obviously found love and had an abundance of it spilling over. So much so that they put it all out there and together went through the brave and intrusive process of artificial insemination. I imagine along with the joy of becoming pregnant, they were also faced with having to answer questions that people would never even think to ask a heterosexual couple. I imagine most people were understanding and supportive, but also being a person who is realistic, I am sure they had their share of awkward moments. Telling employers, acquaintances, elder family members (who may not have been so open-minded) and finding a church who would embrace and baptize their little bundle of joy were all stressors and in my opinion unfair. After all, a baby is a blessing, and they had every right to experience this miracle without having to experience judgment about their decision. Once the baby was born, I cannot even express the amount of love and doting that this precious little girl received. If any two people should have become parents, it was these two. This child is loved beyond words. And talk about well-adjusted; she has turned out to be a happy, secure, toddler who is lucky in so many ways. The love of a mother is the most precious and scared relationship in the whole world. Imagine having this love doubled by two mothers who equally provide her with a nurturing, caring, safe, secure environment where she is encouraged to flourish and thrive. I don't care what any church, law, or moral code of ethics has to say. In fact, I dare any of the righteous right-winged, closed-minded politicians to take one look at this child and make any kind of judgment toward her parents' right to give birth. Any child who is raised in a home filled with love where they are undeniably being taught tolerance, diversity and reminded daily of how special and proud their parents are of them should be celebrated. In my field of work over the years, I have witnessed many HETEROSEXUAL couples who could not provide one third of the wisdom and selflessness that it takes to raise a well-adjusted child in this crazy world that we live in, yet no one questions their decisions to have children. The last time I checked many of the so-called nuclear families are FAR from being functional. I will not even give free publicity to the ignorant people who have publically opposed same sex marriages and parenting. I do implore them to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves why something so personal and so “none of their business” would affect them and bring up such rage and judgment. And let's be realistic, don't we have enough hatred and unnecessary discrimination in the world? Not to mention enough social problems, which are actual problems and not someone's narrow-minded opinion of right and wrong. I predict great things from these lucky children of courageous and selfless parents, and while I have not had the opportunity to witness same sex male parents, I have a strong feeling that they are more than capable of the same. It's time we open our eyes, our minds, and most important, our hearts.

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