I Want to Work Full-Time but Then I’ll Miss Out

by admin

I Want to Work Full-Time but Then I’ll Miss Out

There are so many days I tell myself, “Okay, today you are gonna look for that high-powered job” then a realization comes over me. Who’s gonna take care of the kids? Who’s going to pick them up? And who’s going to listen to their great stories when I pick them up.

There’s nothing like picking up my son and his friends from track. The stories all start out with the boys doing an impression of their coach’s voice. To see them laughing and reliving the days events is warming to my heart. While listening to their stories, a sensation that life is worth living, and they are living life flows through me. As a sometime mere chauffeur for the kids, it is the time I learn the most that’s going on in their world. It seems the driver sometimes has magical powers or has the car injected truth serum into their veins.

Some of the most amazing stories have come during the car ride. We have had talks about smoking pot, drinking alcohol, grades, doing homework, the importance of exercising, boyfriends, girls, friends, and the list goes on. It all takes place in the car. How could one give that up? Maybe, just maybe, I will write about our moments. So in twenty years when I look back, this will be my old W1040 forms minus the federal, state, medicare, fica taxes.