I Want Your Sex

by admin

I Want Your Sex

I don’t know why I remember this incident in my life, but it is one of those things that doesn’t go away from my memory. Maybe because it has to do with a song and you know how music plays such an important role in our memories.

I was in seventh grade. My first year of junior high, the first year where you have to change clothes for gym class in a real locker room. It was also the year that George Michael released his controversial song I Want Your Sex. I arrived home from school one day only to be questioned about this song by my Mom. Apparently, another parent called and informed her about this new song with suggestive lyrics—to say the least. Of course, I had heard about this song in the said locker room and actually had heard it on a friend’s walkman. But, I think what makes this incident remain etched in my memory is the fact that I was horrified that my mother was confronting me about this song. Or maybe I was more horrified that my mother used the word sex! Sorry mom, but I believe I lied and said I had only heard about the song, but had never actually listened to it. Not because I was afraid of getting in trouble, but because I was so embarrassed!

And this was just the beginning. Two Live Crew topped the charts two years later with Me So Horny. And so on …

So I wonder, who was this other parent who called my mom? Will I be like that one day? Calling other moms to notify them of the horrific music our kids are listening to? Or are those days over because we are numb to such titles and lyrics anymore. Tipper Gore had her day. But what now?

Oh wait, I forgot. Justin Timberlake brought Sexy Back (and I didn’t even know it left).