I Was a Child Once

by admin

I Was a Child Once

I don’t know about you, but I remember being a child. I remember the excitement when an adult would offer to take me on an adventure. I remember the sheer joy when an adult would excite my imagination and encourage me to be wild, goofy, and free. I remember the love I felt then, and I see how their love helped me grow to be the man I am today. That said, I took my friend’s kids fishing.

They had never been and their eyes lit up when they saw their new fishing rods! Her son was so excited to give it a whirl that when he cast his line, he threw his rod in the pond after his hook. After a little wading, I found it and we were back in business. Her daughter looked so cute in her little outfit. She had just come from a dance recital which she refused to participate in. I guess she’s one of those outdoorsy chicks. In all the kids caught about fifteen fish. Seeing the excitement and wonder in their eyes as they reeled in their bounty made my day! 

The day was about more than fishing. It was about love. It was about encouraging a child to experience life.