Ideas for the Tooth Fairy

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Ideas for the Tooth Fairy

Warning: For Adult Eyes Only

I do not want to ruin the mystery for those little ones who still believe in the magic of the tooth fairy.

The tooth fairy is right up there with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus in the mysterious figments in the innocent minds of children. Many people have asked me what the going rate for a baby tooth should be these days. What works for me and my children is based on their age. I do $5 for five years old (or you could do fifty cents) and then $6 (or sixty cents) when they lose a tooth at six years old. However, if you are one of those who keeps track, a dollar for the first tooth, $2 for the second, and so on is another way to go.

My sister and business partner at Dr. Bloom Inc said that you really have to budget the amount given if you have multiple children loosing teeth at the same time. She has twin boys that are loosing teeth constantly. One twin is hoping to get his two front teeth for Christmas! The dollar amounts would get expensive in their household. She sticks to the fifty cents for five years and sixty cents for six years and she hopes they do not talk to their cousins about what they get! She does however give them a cool $2 bill for the first tooth lost! The bottom line is that there is not a “right” amount. You just need to be consistent with each child because the siblings will keep track!

There are many cute tooth fairy pillows on the market. Anything that is tethered under the pillow or can rest next to a sleeping head vs. underneath is what I prefer. In closing, do not be alarmed when you see the deciduous (baby) tooth out of the mouth. Baby teeth tend to have long spindly sharp roots and can look strange. Oh, and to spice life up a bit, buy a tutu and wand for the tooth fairy in your house to wear. A dad looks really funny in a pink tutu! However, remember, no pictures. You don’t want the little ones to come across these pictures. I am not sure what would be worse … to see Dad in a tutu or to find out that Dad is the Tooth Fairy! Have a good Thursday and don’t forget to brush your little ones teeth!