If Micky D’s Is So Wrong, Why Does It Taste So Good?

by admin

If Micky D’s Is So Wrong, Why Does It Taste So Good?

Today at work I heard from a co-worker that McDonald’s is going to transform into a Starbucks-like atmosphere. In an effort to keep with the times they will add cozy chairs, Wi-Fi, and a coffee-store-like appeal.

Really? That is not the McDonald’s that I grew up with, and certainly not the Micky D’s that I long for when I am in the mood for comfort food; a quarter pounder burger, fries, some ketchup and a soda please (sorry McDonald’s I do not envision myself sipping a latte in your establishment).

How many of us had birthday parties at McDonald’s? I know I did. When I was on my own, I would go there for a meal, especially during college for those 25-cent hamburger deals. My roommates and I would stock up, freezing burgers to make them last longer. Oh those were the days!

Then at some point it became a bad place. The media alarmed us to trans fats … high fat foods … childhood obesity, all causing us to limit our fast food intake and feel bad about wanting to go there to eat … it worked on me I stopped going myself, except for a special treat.

In our family we refer to it as “road food” when there really is no other choice, or we happen to be heading out somewhere and we want to pretend there really is no other choice we head to McDonald’s for a meal.

It is a crazy thought to think that Tommy (who is two) will most likely not play at a McDonald’s playground, there are no longer any around here; nor will it be his go too for his comfort food of choice. Will he be ordering lattes and buying Danishs from Mcdonalds? I can’t even think about that one!