I’m Calling in a “Rain Day”

by admin

I’m Calling in a “Rain Day”

The light crept across the room as the dawn broke and though no sunlight shown through, I knew morning had arrived. The faint sound of thunder claps and short, quick flickers of lightning let me know that this is a morning I wanted to stay in bed. I pulled the covers up to my chest and appreciated Mother Nature’s work for a moment before I would allow myself to get up. The faint sound of the rain hitting the roof and the excess water racing out of the gutters provided me the initiative to motivate myself to the bathroom. Is this a sick day? I feel fine, but the desire to deal with my work responsibilities was lessening with every drop of rain.

I opened my blinds and watched as my neighbors scurried to their cars dodging the puddles, mouthing words that I can only imagine, and submitting to their work routines. I made my decision and decided to keep my children home as well. Offering a snuggle day to my husband, he reluctantly decided to be the responsible adult and headed off to work.

My children and I stayed in our jammies and jumped onto my bed with our morning beverages and just listened to the rain for a little while. No TV, no iPods, no video games. You don’t truly know peace until you get a fourteen-year-old, a ten-year-old, and a four-year-old in one room—not saying a word, just listening to the melodic tones from the morning sky. 

No one asked why, they just took it in. The appreciation of a day off, the fantastic feeling of snuggling up to your beautiful children and knowing that you don’t have to explain a word of it is a gift in itself. I did explain to them that even though the world may require that we work on a specific schedule, sometimes we just need to sit and take it in while we are still young enough to enjoy it.

Being a working parent is essential to survival in this cruel world, but every now and then, we should all take a “Rain Day” and bond with our children. They need to know now how to stop and listen to the rain every once in a while, and I know they will never forget this moment.