I’m Free – It’s Not About Me!

by admin

I’m Free – It’s Not About Me!

My most recent appointment was Christmas Eve. I was nervous and excited at the same time. My doctor took me off the fulltime bed rest and placed me on 50 percent bed rest. I can now go out of the house and do some things with my family … right? I thought to myself that this must be how people on house arrest or released from jail must feel after they are let free. I had a mile long list of the places I would go if I were only free.

You know what? Freedom is overrated. After I go to the doctor or to the store, I have to come home and take a nap! I have a cute baby bump but I refuse to buy anything else maternity at seven and a half months. All I wanted for Christmas was pajamas, lounge wear, and tank tops to relax around the house. Ahh, the simple life. I’m grateful to my doctor for performing a cerclage to save my baby’s life so my pregnancy can thrive. I was on bed rest for two months; I did exactly as I was told.

I fought the idea in my mind that manifested itself in tears and sadness sometimes, but I was going to follow his instructions to the letter. If he told me to lay down until the baby was born I would have; it wasn’t about me. It’s not over—my due date is March 14, but I think he will make his grand appearance sooner. This is our final child, a son; I’ve had three girls so I’m ready for the boy. The lesson I’ve learned in this process it that it’s not about me—it’s about getting the little one here safely.

Many Blessings,