I’m Part of the Group Now

by admin

I’m Part of the Group Now

I don’t know how your pregnancy went or is going currently. I can tell you however, how my pregnancy is going.

As of Thursday, December 30, I will be twenty-nine weeks pregnant! A first for me. A first for my husband. A first grandchild. I have heard the horror stories sickness every day, weird and random cravings, and the emotional rollercoaster. For those of you who are considering pregnancy, in this experience, I have learned so far we are all connected in the wonderful world of motherhood—no two women have the same pregnancies. All are just as different as fingerprints. You can read books—sure it is a nice guideline but it’s not a guarantee what will happen during your pregnancy.

I have experienced some of the pregnancy symptoms like an annoying husband, some cravings., a growing belly, not to mention an over active sense of smell, but the ones I haven’t read about or been warned about are the ones I am experiencing. I get migraines, leg cramps, blurred vision, chronic back pain, but I can honestly say I have had a really good pregnancy thus far which is a rare thing in my family. My hair grows like crazy seems. I’m shaving like every day—oh that’s right, I cant bend at the waist so the knee and below and armpits are all I can manage. Peeing a hundred times a day gets old when you’re comfortable or can’t get up without help. My husband can’t understand why at 2:00 a.m. I have to have an ice cream cone from McDonalds or I’m going to hurt someone. I think the person who created a twenty-four-hour restaurant must have been pregnant or been around a pregnant woman.

My husband can’t understand why I spend $300 at the grocery store every two weeks. Hun, I’m hungry all the time. I’d even eat the cheese off the mousetrap if I were able to get down there to get it. I love the smell of head and shoulders shampoo and despise peanut butter.

Even though our daughter has not yet made her arrival she is definitely in control and lets me know real quick with a case of heartburn moments after spicy food that she’s not happy with momma. She already has her daddy’s heart and has him wrapped about that persuasive finger.

I have chosen not to breast feed. My daughter will never go hungry butIi don’t feel like being a twenty-four-hour dairy bar. That’s just my choice—things are ladies choice when you’re pregnant. For example the temperature in the house, the stack of half-full bags of chips on the cabinet … just to name a few.

I hope we will do well as first time parents. We don’t know how to install a car seat, my husband has never changed a diaper, and we have a cat that thinks he’s in charge and is the baby of the family.

Being pregnant is definitely an experience. How blessed and totally surprised was I to find out that I’m creating an individual with her own fingerprints and thought? Wow, me, a mother?! I’m still in denial though my pants don’t fit and randomly throughout the day my belly pokes out and moves. I am addicted to anything pink and she already has the nickname of bugbug. My dad is building her crib out of some maple wood. No … she won’t be spoiled! My husband talks to the belly all day, he listens to her move around until he gets kicked in the head from the stranger inside.

Though I have yet to figure it all out, I have a lifetime to learn and gather information from great teachers. I hope you’re enjoying your pregnancy as much as I am. Even if you’re the one getting sick every twenty minutes, even if you already have two kids, it always makes you smile to feel your little one move and they will always melt your heart. You rock all mothers! Emery Rose is expected to make her appearance on March 16, 2011.