I’m Stronger Now

by admin

I’m Stronger Now

After all the self-doubt and second-guessing, I am stronger now.

The day was finally here. The first day the firework stand would open. I was joined by other moms with the same goal in mind, volunteering for our son's football team in the hopes of selling fireworks and in the end raising funds for the team and sports program. Most of us were new to the project; in that, none of us volunteered for the firework stand in the past or were new to the school, so we were fumbling around making our way. We were doing it together.

As time passed during the day, practice time was growing close. The coach, the players, the moms left to go to practice. I was there alone. I thought, "I can make the most of it."

A customer came up to the window and asked me for a flyer. When I handed him the flyer, suddenly I realized his eyes. He was looking back and forth to the far side of the stand and that's when I saw them. Two guys came into the stand and took fireworks. They were gone as fast as they came in. I yelled something, not sure now what I said but I'm sure it was something unlady-like. I ran out of the stand just in time to see the guys jump into a minivan that was parked (with a driver and engine running) behind the firework stand. I quickly called 911 to report the theft as they drove out of the parking lot and down the street.

Should I have tried to stop the thieves? Was there more I could do? Did I do enough?

It's been a couple weeks since that incident. I was shaken up and not able to sleep. But now, after brain-storming all the should-haves and could-haves, I rest now knowing I did what was best. I am thankful I wasn't hurt. I am stronger now.