I’m Trying to Say Yes More

by admin

I’m Trying to Say Yes More

I say no more than I say yes. 

I didn’t realize it until I became conscious of it. My real life friend Jennifer issued a personal challenge for herself: to say yes as often as she could this summer. 

She encouraged me to do the same. 

I learned something the first day I tried it: I say no all the time. 

Naturally, I choose no more than yes. 

I don’t like this about me. 

Oh, I can offer dozens of excuses for why I say no. Safety is obviously a priority. Cleanliness is way up there too. But I like structure, organization. I like control. And I can maintain control if I say no. 

Often times, saying yes requires more work for me. I say no because I’m selfish. 


So, I’m baby-stepping, I’m trying to say yes more. 

Yes, you can do sidewalk chalk in your pajamas. Yes, you can pull all the cushions off the couch for family movie night. 

It’s not easy for me to say yes. 

And I’m not good at it. 

But I am determined … 

to say yes. 

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