Increase Your Energy During Pregnancy

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Increase Your Energy During Pregnancy

With all the hard work that your body is doing right now, you (and your baby) need a lot of vitamins and good quality food especially at the start of your day. I like to think of breakfast as “breaking” the “fast” from the previous night.

Also aim for foods with good sources of iron (raisins and apricots) and calcium (yoghurt, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, and almonds).

By eating a good quality breakfast, you can avoid a mid-morning or lunchtime energy low. And energy lows generally lead to overeating or poor food choices. And overeating or poor food choices—well, you know where it goes from there—weight gain!

So begin your day right by choosing foods with good sources of vitamin B and fiber. Those foods would include whole grains, multigrain bread, and oatmeal.

A “healthy” breakfast contains a good balance of complex carbohydrates, fiber
(oats, whole grain cereal), protein (yogurt, cheese, eggs), and of course, fresh fruit or vegetables (for those of you who like a more Mediterranean-style breakfast!). 

A Little Gem …

Most people don’t realize that 90 percent of the battle of eating right—is making sure you have the right ingredients at your fingertips. And the key to making sure you have the right ingredients is knowing how, when, and what to get!

Here are six tips to help you …

1. Always buy your food on a full stomach.

2. Always prepare a list ahead of time and stick to it. Never wander around hungry – this mostly leads to unhealthy choices!

3. Stay mainly on the outer aisles (the junk food is usually on the inner aisles).

4. Avoid buying treats at the check stand, these are there to tempt you—do not give in! Rather, pick a good magazine to flip through while you’re waiting!

5. Choose natural food stores (if you can) and buy fresh organic produce whenever possible.

6. Read labels, avoiding items high in sugar, salt, or fat. (Ingredients are listed in order of quantity, so keep away from the ones you can’t pronounce!)

Originally published in Pregnancy without Pounds