Inexpensive Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained

by admin

Inexpensive Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained

As a mama to quadruplets, I’m always looking for activities to entertain my active two year olds. With winter approaching, we all need inexpensive indoor activities to keep us sane this season, right? Here’s an idea I keep in my back pocket to creatively break up the monotony in our routine. 

This activity is simple, inexpensive, and entertaining. All you need is a large container, several packages of beans to fill the container 3/4 full, and a handful of household items that you can burry. Some ideas for “treasure items” include: an old key, a cheap piece of jewerly, play food, a kitchen tool, magnets, etc.  

The rules are to keep the majority of the beans inside of the container, but I use beach towels or a large blanket to catch the beans that were “accidentally” dropped. I keep my container on hand in one of my cabinets and switch out the treasure items now and then.  

It’s a great way to bring the sandbox idea indoors!  

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