Infertility and Acupuncture

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Infertility and Acupuncture

As I sit behind my desk in an almost too relaxing waiting room with a gargling fountain and piano playing bird chirping music, I greet many different types of women all looking for the same thing.

I work for Dr. Qing Chen in Newport Beach, California. She is a talented acupuncturist who specializes in women’s issues, one of our biggest being infertility. So many different women come in here week after week looking for hope of birthing a child. These women are the ones I truly feel for. The ones who have tried everything they could think of. Some spending every last sent they had all to no prevail. When I hear their worried voices or see their exhausted faces, I let them know that there is still light at the end of the tunnel because we have helped so many before.

These women are amazing! It really helps them to come into our environment and take a glance at our wall of countless baby photos and the now new moms we have helped, or to read the testimonials of women over forty (even over fifty!) who are currently carrying their little ones within. I love that these strong, hopeful women trust in our office to help them out and I love even more when they bring their new babies in to visit. I love watching their bellies grow but, most of all, I love when one of our patients burst through the door with a bright new glow and gleefully reveal that they ARE pregnant and that what we do in our office actually worked when nothing else did. So if you are having a hard time conceiving, I highly suggest to open your mind and try something new. Maybe even save some money! Who knows, maybe sooner than you thought something you never thought would happen actually does.