Internet frenzy, Mary Richardson

by admin

Internet frenzy, Mary Richardson

Yesterday the toxicological results of Mary Richardson Kennedy were made public.
Cringing headline from the Daily Beast "cocktail", grabbing everyone attention and a bloggers frenzy.
She had no alcohol and 3 prescribed in her name anti depressant in her system.
Heath Ledger had a deadly cocktail of drug from drugs in his name and other people's name, he died in his bed from "accidental overdose". He was seriously depressed that he could not see his daughter as much as he wanted to, and could not battle his "inner demons" aka. cocaine.

The problem with Mary is that she "intentionally" committed suicide.
And she planned it.
She did not do a spur of the moment action: she searched the internet for noose, mail ordered the cord (weird since a credit card had been cut off) went outside, threw the cord above a beam in her shed, kicked the chair or whatever and died of asphyxiation, which can take 5 or more minutes to happen.

What was not planned (or maybe she knew) was the unspeakable behavior of the Father of her children.

Leaking sealed documents to the medias, shortly after her death, depicting her as a social misfit (what took him so long) Robert as the surviving battered husband from a professionally trained boxer (no less) a child abuser ( she "gasligthed " the daughter of his previous marriage, and she killed a dog.
Mary was an alcoholic, raving maniac, abusive banshee.

Mary was a human being. She fell in love with a married guy, she got pregnant when over 30, and she wanted to settle down. It was not meant to be, Robert started cheating early on ( She had to be aware that he cheated on his first wife), women think that they can change that behavior, sometimes it happens.

She married a former heroin addict, they know a lot about addiction and how to spin a sympathetic tale about how they became addicted.

And her world started falling apart, big time. Divorce in your fifties is a frightening experience. As a woman you have to deal with menopause, while men can go through 2 midlife crisis in their 40 and 50's.

What was left, kids that are siding with dad because he has some Hollywood connections and they can mingle on the sets of a show since Dad is cahooting with one of their would be stars. More fun than being holed up in Mt. Kisco, with Mom that is having no fun and lots of issues.

Yes Mama has some issues, restraining orders, unpaid bills, a barrage of legal orders, going for a psychiaric evaluation, you know that it is the worst time for you, since you already had been convicted of drunk driving and driving under the influence. Your self confidence is shattered and your kids do not want to talk to you, because Dad said to a Judge that you were a liability.

I am not here to blame lawyers, they do more or less what their clients are asking them to do. Judges are not paying attention, lawyers are good with "key words" and they act accordingly, knowing that their "understanding" of the facts cannot been appealed.

Estranged from your kids, your soon to be ex and your turning coat family in law.

Mary put herself to death.