Iron Chef Cat Cora Will Be Cooking for a Crowd

by Offsprung

Iron Chef Cat Cora Will Be Cooking for a Crowd

Iron chef and lesbian mom Cat Cora is four-and-a-half months pregnant! She and her partner Jennifer already have two sons and Jennifer is also pregnant and due in April. I can’t imagine having two pregnant women in the same household; it’s bad enough when my partner and I PMS at the same time. Still, Cora is forty-one, which may explain the rush.


PR Newswire gives us the details:


The Cora’s (sic) share a unique family story in which both women have carried the other’s biological child. Cat’s pregnancy is a result of in-vitro fertilization with Jennifer’s embryo. The couple’s sons, ages five years and twenty-three months, were both carried by Jennifer. She was artificially inseminated for her first pregnancy, but the second she carried to term using Cat’s embryo. In Jennifer’s current pregnancy, both women’s embryos were implanted, so the biological mother is unknown. They do not to plan to conduct DNA testing to determine the baby’s biological mother.


Each of the couple’s children was conceived through insemination or in-vitro with the same anonymous sperm donor, making the children biological brothers.


Hmm. I have to question that “unique family story” part, though. Helen and I did half of it, with her carrying my egg. I have to imagine there are other couples out there who each carried each others’ eggs, like the Coras. (Helen and I are old enough now that we’re not going to try for another.) If you want to read about how we did it, I’ve described it in detail in Injections, Eggs, and Attorneys: How We Conceived.


Still, Cora’s celebrity is good for the visibility of LGBT parents, and for normalizing one of the ways we create our families. I particularly like that the couple announced they don’t know and don’t care, which of them is the biological mother of the child Jennifer is carrying. All that matters is that the children will be well loved. Chances are they’ll be well fed, too.


Best wishes to the rapidly growing family.


By Dana Rudolph, from Mombian