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It Hurts Back There!

One day my three and a half year old niece told her daddy it hurt “here” and she pointed to her lower back/bottom. He thought it was the tag rubbing her waist, but saw no red irritation marks. “You’re okay,” he said. Later, she complained again. He thought maybe her pants were too tight, so he put her into sweats. Still later, more complaints. Her mom arrived home about that time and dad surrendered the problem over to her. Mom checked out the britches to see if there was a rash on her bottom. Nothing, yet still my niece said “It hurts.” Perplexed, mom had her daughter bend over to see if she could see any sign of irritation. When my niece bent over, a small child’s butterfly ring was nestled in between her cheeks. Her mom burst out laughing. How in the world that ring got there and stayed there is still a mystery. This is an absolutely true story. It cracks me up.

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