Is It Okay to Eat Chocolate During Pregnancy?

by Michelle Moss

Is It Okay to Eat Chocolate During Pregnancy?

With the holidays so near, the smell of chocolate is definitely in the air. Which brings up the point—what candy is best for during pregnancy? Chocolate is my top pick . . .


Is it OKAY to eat chocolate during pregnancy?
The good news is that chocolate contains both magnesium and iron, two vitamins that pregnant women need a lot of (in fact, if you’re craving A LOT of chocolate it might mean that you’re anemic).


It’s also been known to help women with morning sickness (go figure!).


The bad news is that even though chocolate contains protein, fat, magnesium, and iron, it’s not a good enough source of nutrients OR a good enough excuse to indulge (especially if you want to lose your weight post-pregnancy with relative ease!).


Chocolate has an uplifting and addictive effect for a few reasons:


  • It helps the body make serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter that regulates mood, sleep, and appetite;
  • The high sugar content boosts energy levels, giving a quick lift and good feeling, even if the high doesn’t last very long; and
  • It allows more L-tryptophan, a mood-regulating amino acid, to enter the brain, which also makes us feel good.


You’re probably wondering how you’re going to handle your usual indulgence, right?
My recommendation is to go ahead and give yourself a treat but DON’T overindulge. Eat only the chocolate that you REALLY love and savor ever bite. In other words, be picky and don’t get stuck eating chocolate that’s not at the top of your list of favorites!


Finally should you eat dark or milk chocolate?
Not all chocolate is the same. The amount of cocoa in dark chocolate is usually much greater than milk chocolate. Not to mention that it usually has less fat and sugar. On the downside it is usually more expensive, but the health benefits outweighs the cost and possibly with the increase of cost it may make you not overindulge. I personally buy organic, dark chocolate with nuts. That way I get extra protein.


And one more thing, if you’re struggling with heartburn, chocolate is certainly NOT your friend. Why? Because chocolate is a natural laxative that relaxes the upper passage into the stomach and allows the acidic contents to rise up and irritate the lower end of the esophagus.


Changing your eating ways NOW will not only help you DURING your pregnancy, but it WILL also set you up for an EASIER and QUICKER post-pregnancy weight loss.


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