Is it Safe to Drink Wine During Pregnancy?

by admin

Is it Safe to Drink Wine During Pregnancy?

Is it safe to drink alcohol when pregnant?

The Europeans do it! Even some non-European women do it!

The other day when I was getting my haircut, my hairdresser revealed to me that she too has a glass of wine for dinner every night and her doctor even gave the thumbs up!

For many women a simple glass of wine makes the day so much better. And when pregnant, it is VERY difficult to give up those “simple pleasures.” But is it really okay to drink alcohol (daily) when you’re pregnant?

My honest opinion is hold off until after pregnancy.

Now I’m sure some of you are disagreeing with this right now, thinking it’s not a big deal, but personally I sit on the side of caution (having lost a baby to a miscarriage I do not take the little life growing inside lightly).

Now for those of you who continue to drink the odd glass of wine with dinner, things will probably be okay for most of you. However there is a risk of physical abnormalities, mental impairment, and behavioral problems.

The way I see it, pregnancy is only 40 weeks, get your pleasures in a less risky way like a massage or a pedicure, heck even a little dessert would do the trick! If you still have questions, please consult your doctor.

But if you had alcohol before you knew you were pregnant?

Like many women, if you also had a few too many drinks before you knew you were pregnant, there’s no need feeling guilty. There’s nothing you can do to erase the past and there’s nothing you can do to decrease your chances of that causing a problem.

My honest opinion—there’s no point worrying about “what if.” In most cases, things end up being okay. What I would recommend you do is put your energy in a productive place and focus on making the rest of your pregnancy a healthy one.

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