It’s Her Party, And We’ll Cry over the Bill

by admin

It’s Her Party, And We’ll Cry over the Bill

Tiaras sparkled under a spinning disco ball, bejeweled wands waved back and forth in the air to the beat of a Hannah Montana song, updos were thoroughly lacquered with silver glitter hair spray, and several divas had already taken to the stage in heels. No, this wasn’t drag queen night at a Key West bar or a beauty pageant a la Little Miss Sunshine, but a weekend birthday party for one of my oldest daughter’s classmates at one of those fancy child centric salons designed to bring out the inner princess in even the most tomboyish little girl.

I was admittedly skeptical about such glitz and glamour for five and six-year-olds, but a few minutes into the party I sat laughing with the other moms to the point of nearly crying and thanking God I wasn’t paying the bill. I’ll have to admit that for the overall “wow’ factor this was a little girl’s dream and possibly every other parent’s nightmare once the party bar is placed this high. Parties at these girly girl salons make an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese seem as glamorous as the soup and potato bar at Golden Corral. There’s even a hot pink stretch limo to rent for those parents who aren’t worried about raising the next suburban Paris Hilton. The runway presentation of the little princess party goers ended with a conga line weaving throughout the store before the girls headed to the party room for cake. No, I am not kidding.

The girls loved every minute of it, although for a few girls who seemed fairly self-conscious about whooping it up on the runway. I could foresee the future partiers in thirteen  years or so. It was easy to guess which girls would be dancing on a table at a frat party and which girls would be content to sit on the couch, silently shaking their heads as their friends made fools of themselves. Miss C was a little hesitant, but when she saw the mosh pit of twirly costumes to choose from she nearly dove headfirst into the pile of dress up clothes. Her dress of choice was a fancy sequined mermaid gown.

My daughter was invited to another girly girl salon party at the same swank place, but she had a soccer game at the same time. She wasn’t really happy about missing a free updo and manicure.

We’ve always managed to have pretty simple birthday parties, but the kindergarten party circuit is definitely more elaborate. I guess we could always do a makeover party at our house this summer but the thought of a dozen girls painting their fingernails and screaming Hannah Montana songs at the top of their lungs is nearly enough to make me write a blank check.