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It’s Mommy Play Date Time

I don’t know how moms make time to get their personal errands done. I know I have to plan weeks in advance.

For example, I really needed new PJs and underwear, and do you think I have time to do this? No way. And I’m not willing to buy my panties online because this is one of the fun items I like to shop for in person. I’d also like to have lunch with a friend to get a break from the frenzied world of toddlerhood and work—but do I have time?

All the more reason to make time. If I need to buy new underwear, I have to put it on the family calendar. If I want to have lunch with my friend, I have to put it on the calendar or it simply won’t happen. When I do get the chance to venture out, I’m so happy and often wonder why I don’t take the time to do it more.

I have to say that the moments I look forward to most are when I am in the shower, bath, or driving my car—alone. Mommy decompression time should not be underestimated!

The other day I decided to get a two for one. I had a fabulous time having lunch and shopping with a dear friend of mine who has a child, too. We made it a festive time! Sometimes all a mom might need is to run away for a few hours. So next time you plan errands, tack on a mommy play date for lunch while you’re at it. Mommies need time away, to breath, relax, and have fun. We deserve it.

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