It’s My Second Time Trying IVF and It Failed Again

by admin

It’s My Second Time Trying IVF and It Failed Again

I’m thirty-two years old and I have been trying to have a baby since last year.

I had two IVF treatments and they both failed. During my first in-vitro fertilization, the doctor retrieved eight eggs and only five were fertilized. Two eggs made it to embryos the other three didn’t, but that failed too.

Last month my doctor tried something different. He put me on Lupron and Gonal F, it was my first time with Lupron and actually it worked very good, I didn’t have any problems it all.

This time, the doctor retrieved fourteen eggs and they all fertilized, ten embryos were in good health, eight cells, grade B. Eight embryos were froze and my doctor transferred my two.

Everything looked so good at the time, but still I found out yesterday that it was negative … I’m so upset; I don’t know what went wrong. Everything looked fine. I don’t have an answer.

Sometimes I think it’s me, that maybe I cant carry the babies, they don’t stay there, I don’t know. My husband is sad too. Now, I have to wait for my next appointment next month and see what my doctor says; I don’t feel excited anymore, I’m tired.

Well at least I don’t have to go through whole process again because I had eight embryos froze, thanks God. Can somebody explain why is not working for me?