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It's Not Crazy if it Works

I’m not sure if this is a tip or a very short story, or both. Anyhow, necessity truly is the mother of invention. Finding myself with a sick one and no vaporizer, I improvised and it worked great.
I substituted my mother’s old crock pot for the much-needed vaporizer. To get it steaming quickly, I turned it on high, and boiled some water on the stove to add to it. Not only did it work great, it was completely noise-free, and didn’t need refilling nearly as often. Another plus is that crock pots use much less energy than a conventional warm steam vaporizer. To add Vicks, just put some on a saucer or something on top of the rim, and you’re good to go.
Hope this helps all of you parents out there, and kudos to all of you. Keep yourselves healthy: you are your children’s best defense and prevention from sickness!

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