It’s Our Monthiversary!

by admin

It’s Our Monthiversary!

Three months. One-fourth of a year. Ninety days. The average risk-free trial period. If Luki was a home appliance, today would be the last day to return him for a full refund. … I wonder if the wreath of stretch marks around my belly button can count as a receipt …

I kid! We are definitely going to keep this baby … he didn’t shart on us at all this month!

Before we start celebrating this wonderful milestone, I have some bad news. Remember how excited Luki was on his last monthiversary about the new hairs sprouting on his little noggin? Remember how I said, “my kid’s a genius, he discovered the cure for baldness”? Weeell, apparently, it wasn’t quite like that. He bought one of those “As Seen on TV” hair loss products, and the results are not pretty. Yes, hairs grew on top of his head, but the back side is a completely different story. I wish I could say he has a bald spot, a spot can be covered up, it can be combed over … but instead he has a whole bald line that runs from ear to ear. And under it, his hair is so long that it could be braided into a tiny baby rat tail. Poor Luki, you know how sensitive he is about his hair! It’s a good thing he can pull off hats so well.

However, other than occasional moodiness over his—let’s call it unique—hairstyle, Luki has had an amazing third month. He learned to drink out of a bottle, discovered that his hands are almost as good to suck on as the boob, moved into his own room, grabbed a couple of toys on his baby gym, fit into size 3–6 months outfits, and, according to Big E, said “Abu.” Oh, and last night, as a special monthiversary gift to his parents, he slept from 10:30 p.m. until 5:51 a.m.! That ladies and gentlemen is seven hours and twenty-one minutes.

And there is so much more greatness to come! I feel pretty confident saying that October will be the most exciting month in Luki’s life. We are taking him on a weeklong adventure to Atlanta, where he will stay in a hotel and spend some quality time with his uncle Ani. He will be celebrating his first Halloween. And, he will witness the epic battle of the abuelas. That’s right, Ton Ton’s mom, a.k.a. Mamacita, arrives in the U. S. on October 17. Which grandma will come out victorious? It’s a tough call … on the one hand, Big E is much younger and healthier, but, on the other, Mamacita has experience—Luki is her seventh grandchild so she has already wiped out two grannies in the past. Things are about to get very interesting around here.

But, the most fantastic thing that will happen to Luki in October is that his mother will turn twenty-six years old on the 24th! Yep, I just hijacked my own kid’s monthiversary to talk about my birthday, the most important day of the year. I like to celebrate it the entire month of October. And let me tell you, this year’s festivities will be grandiose…after all, I think I deserve it.

On that day, I’ll be sure to have a drink in Luki’s honor. Because, thanks to him, the last three months have been the most incredible of my life … and it just keeps getting better and better.