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It’s time, come get me, you know he’s not going to grow up anytime soon

“You are not getting a dog until you grow up or turn 50. I don’t need something else to clean up after. I’m putting my foot down on this one and don’t get those kids to gang up on me, it won’t work. I’m rock solid on this.”
Yes, my boys grew up with out a dog. Only because being a mother of three of them and having a husband that could not manage to put a sock in the hamper, it gave me the ability to see the future. Like the Amazing Kreskin, and all I could see was extra work.
The subject was broached several times throughout the years. And when it was I could always point to a sock on the floor, no words were needed. I was running the show, amidst all that testosterone, I was in charge.
When the 50th Birthday approached a dog was emanate. It was either that or plan a party, a dog seemed easier than that. And remember I have basic psychic skills. The boys were old enough to be a major help and I could boss them around better than the Birthday Boy. It was time.
We went to the local Animal Shelter and went straight to the puppy room. They were all hopped up on something because they were going crazy, barking and jumping. Except for one, she saw us coming. She was the right dog for us, we just didn’t know it yet. She pressed her side up against the cage so we could pet her, she tentatively licked our fingers. And she had the face of a lost little puppy looking for a home. But there were other prospects to look over so we continued our puppy shopping. I would look over at her every now and then and she was looking back at us.
“Babe? We’re not picking a dog, the dog has already picked us. Look back over there.”
We brought her home and somewhere, somehow, sometime she stole my heart. She also stole a little bit of my thunder. Because I had a set of rules, maybe more like guidelines or suggestions, it doesn’t matter because none of them are followed. She sleeps in between us at night. She will sigh a little sigh, snuggle up to one of us and fall asleep without a care in the world. I will wake up in the morning with her snout resting on my shoulder, her eyes wide open and ears perked up waiting for me to get up and start the day.
I had a dog growing up but I don’t remember feeling as attached as I do to this one. I don’t know how it happened. Probably that psychic ability I have, she sent me a telepathic message telling me, “It’s time, come get me, you know he’s not going to grow up anytime soon.”

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