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Janet Lansbury: Don’t Listen to Others, Listen to Your Child

Actress Janet Lansbury opens up about why she left Hollywood and the unique pressures celebrity moms face.

From our friends at Celebrity Baby Scoop ...

Janet Lansbury (formerly known as Janet Julian) was a model and actress in classics such as The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries and B.J. and the Bear and Knight Rider to name a few. Once she had children, she left Hollywood and found her life’s work in parent education and now teaches RIE parenting classes in Los Angeles. Janet sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop to discuss her parenting philosophies, encouraging us to listen and respect our babies “from day one as unique individuals.” As a mother of three who left Hollywood, Janet also talks about her “huge admiration” for celebrity moms and the unique pressures they face as mothers.

CBS: You were a successful model and actress and left showbiz when your children arrived. Was this a hard decision for you?

JL: “It was hard only because I had been an actress and model for all of my adult life and that was a big part of my identity. I never loved acting, and, despite my successes, often felt ‘at sea,’ or under water in the entertainment business, and I really can’t explain why I stayed with it so long. Maybe I needed inspiration to let go and move on to something else. Having children, and the desire to be there to raise them, finally gave me the nudge I needed.”

For the rest of her tell-all interview, Click HERE!

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