July’s Greatest Celebration – the Birth of Carter

by admin

July’s Greatest Celebration – the Birth of Carter

An early morning call from my son-in-law with those long-awaited words “He’s here, Grandma and both Jen and Carter are doing well!” Yessssssss! Thank God! After months of worry and prayers the miracle of birth became a reality for our entire family!

July 7,2009 at 11:40 p.m., six pounds, seven ounces, nineteen inches bundle of joy arrived into the world—Carter David Donnelly! A true miracle and blessing to all of us. Frozen emotions quickly began to thaw out after nine long months of anticipation as a result of a high risk pregnancy. His peeps and cries are music to our ears! His little blue eyes stare as they study each new visitor meeting him for the first time! He loves the gentle voices of his mom, dad, grandparents, uncles, and aunt. Pink skin, long fingers, and big feet are all part of this new little guy!

As we gather around to adore him, we thank his angel big sister Caroline—we all know she has been watching over him since his conception tugging at God’s sleeves to grant a miracle of faith to her family. His great-grandparents have been also with her cheering and guiding the development of this tiny life. Thank you God and all Carter’s relatives and friends for their prayers, support and words of encouragement to all of us who have been anxiously waiting for this precious MIRACLE OF LIFE!