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Junior High Heroes

My son Carter is a seventh grade student. As you probably already know seventh grade is a tough, transitional grade for boys and girls alike. I am happy to report that Carter and his friends seem to be adjusting nicely. As a matter of fact this year has been almost too easy. I am so proud of Carter and two of his close friends Chase and Colby, for the way I see them watching out for those students who may for whatever reason be having a difficult time. Earlier this year the father of one of the boys in their class had a debilitating stroke. For months the situation as we heard it through friends and neighbors sounded grim. Carter, Chase and Colby were particularly observant of their friend during this difficult time. They made it a point to check in with him daily on the status of his father. They prayed for him. They offered him their friendship and at times their undivided attention. I knew that Carter was concerned for his friend because he spoke of him often at home.
One day Carter, Chase and Colby noticed that their friend rarely at lunch and asked him why. He told them that his family was struggling with the financial impact of the situation. At the very mention of trouble the boys sprang into action. They discussed it among themselves and decided to go on a mission to fill up their friends lunch account so he could eat as much as he wanted during the time his dad was ill. At the end of the first week the boys put nearly sixty dollars into the account anonymously. They did not seek rewards or recognition. They simply filled out the lunch envelope on their friend’s behalf and sent it to the lunch lady. I think they may have shared a few high fives or fist bumps as they carried the envelope up to the front of the room.
Carter gave me progress reports each day telling me how much they had “raised”. He came home one day and said the teacher cried when the boys told her what they had done. I must admit, I get misty-eyed when I think about it. Of course I was compelled to help and quickly scribbled out a check. Carter, Chase and Colby inspired me with their compassion and kindness. The advocacy they showed for their friend was truly an unselfish act of humanity. It goes without saying that these boys touched my heart. I hope as others read this story they will be inspired to show mercy to someone just like these three seventh grade boys did.

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