Just an Ordinary Day

by admin

Just an Ordinary Day

Yet it was filled with all sorts of highlights …

1. Hearing Isaac attempting to belt out the “Freeeeeeeee” chorus in “Free Falling” while it played on the radio.

2. Meeting my friend, Emily, at the park for some social time and giving her a small taste of the hoopla that comes with taking quads out in public, where we were both mistaken as the “quad nannies.”

3. Watching the boys pretend together. How cool is that?

4. Meeting Brad for a quick lunch at Chipotle. It’s the best “Feed a Family of Six for Under 11 Dollars Meal” out there!

5. Hearing Clark profess his true love for tractors as he watched them out the van window. “Buh-bye Tractor. I Wuv You!”

6. Emailing with my mom. She’s on her way to being Mrs. Technology 2009!

7. Laughing at the boys attempt to do step aerobics with an unopened package of diapers.

8. Eating a slice of delicious Apple Pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with my sweetie. There’s 3/4s of a pie left. Who’s gonna help us finish it off? It’s your patriotic duty, after all!

9. Finishing three loads of laundry, with about six left. Okay, so that’s not a highlight, but I’m celebrating the minor accomplishment, nonetheless!

10. And did I fail to mention that the boys ingested their first juice box tonight? They were thrilled to say the least. 

It’s the little things that make an ordinary days seem not so … ordinary. 

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