Just Us Girls

by admin

Just Us Girls

We watched a purple butterfly
One lazy afternoon
And she asked
Her face so serious
“Can it fly to the moon?”
I almost laughed at her wonder
Her little eyes, so intent
Time away together
That was time well spent.

She read a book to me
As the sun began to set
Stumbled but found the words
Secret smile when our eyes met
Us against the world
As she put it
Just us girls.

Stolen moments
To have some one on one
Her bursts of laughter
Sunshine sparkles
In her hair
I watched her run
Amused when she
Was both engaging and coy
Shy talk, giggles
With a little boy
She told him we’d come away
For a girls’ only holiday

I watched her sleep
Flushed face
Content in dreams
Memories to keep
And how much that means
To have those moments
Us against the world
As she put it
Innocent, brilliant
Just us girls.