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This is a story about my pain and also my joy. Late October of 2007 I found out I was seven weeks pregnant. My then fiancé, and now husband, and I were ecstatic. We did have one worry: we were both carriers of the sickle cell trait. That made both of us nervous as time went on. I had an amnio done where it showed that my daughter would be just a carrier like her father and I. I now felt more at ease and knew I had no more worries for the rest of this pregnancy.

Four months later I started feeling pain on my right side. I went to see my OB and was told that she was lying on my bladder face up. That same day May 15, 2008 I went to the hospital for further monitoring and was told that all my amniotic fluid was done and they had to induce labor. I was nervous, but happy this little person that has been kicking and punching me for months was now going to make a guest appearance three weeks early. I was thirty-seven weeks pregnant which is called term. My baby shower was two days later. My joy came out on May 16, 2008 healthy and happy. I had an emergency c-section. I brought home my joy four days later just to have to rush her back to the hospital four days later.

My pain had just begun, my daughter was flown to a special hospital for ill children at the age of eight days old. I thought that my worries were over after being told that she would just have the trait. I was so wrong. My daughter who is now sixteen days old is fighting every day against a rare syndrome called the denys-drash syndrome. There are only 160 cases world wide known to this day. I have done my research and have yet to find one survivor. My daughter has chronic kidney failure since birth. The doctors are amazed that my daughter has survived this long.

I am so proud of her that words cant even begin to express my thoughts. I am a very healthy young twenty-four year old. My husband is also a healthy man. This rare syndrome that my daughter has was a sporadic case; there is no one at fault it could have happened to anyone. I don’t even ask why me anymore. I just want expecting moms to know that anything can happen. I knew something was wrong. I never leaked my amniotic fluid and my daughter drank her fluid, as she grew with the pregnancy her kidneys could not work any harder for her growing body. She was not due until June 6, 2008. I am just so thankful that I got a chance to see my joy and  know soon that she will be returning to a better place than I can ever imagine. Treatment is not an option, there are too many risks. Life is borrowed time. My pain will be here forever but my joy will not. Joys name is Kaia Ashley Foddrell.