Karma or a Jinx?

by Veronica Luna

Karma or a Jinx?

Well, my older sister Sylvia has a three year old boy and a set of twins (boys) about eight months. When she first found out she was having twins I used to make comments like, “Damn, if I had twins and a two year old I would probably have to go to a psychiatric hospital!!” or, “man I don’t know how you do it I would go crazy!”


Well, I have a seventeen month old girl and I just found out that I am pregnant with twins. I’m not far enough to find out what sex they will be but there’s two! What a surprise! I don’t know how I’m going to do it … She told me the only advice she really has is none … lol!


Twins do not really run in our family we have a couple down the line like, second cousins and stuff but not close …


What are the odds of that?