Keep the Kids Busy Websites

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Keep the Kids Busy Websites

Although I’d love to say that during holiday break we’ll be gathered peacefully around the fireplace telling stories, playing board games, and roasting marshmallows, there are going to be times when my kids might need a little preoccupying and when I might need a little break from another round of Monopoly.

Here are some of our favorite kid-approved Web sites:

Kideos.com: I just discovered this recently and my seven-year-old also really loves it. These are kid friendly (i.e. no fear of your three-year-old accidentally clicking on some inappropriate Dora You Tube video some punk has dubbed over so that your child learns to say eff you in Spanish) and also categorized by age appropriateness, all the way up to ages 9 to 10.

BellaSara.com: Beautiful graphics for the horse lover and I swear doesn’t every girl go through a I HEART HORSES phase? You do need to purchase the trading cards to add horses to your stable but that’s it. I like this site better than Webkinz.

Carrotsticksonline.com: Nice, simple math website minus a lot of annoying bells and whistles. Kids can create a custom avatar that looks like them, which is fun.

Coolmath4kids.com: My daughter’s second grade teacher has introduced this site to her class and Miss C loves it. She needs a little help with math and persuading that math is fun, so this is a great site for her.

Barbie.everythinggirl.com: What can I say? We love Barbie. I especially love, I mean the girls especially love, the salon games where you can give Barbie and her friends a makeover or paint their nails. If you’re a Barbie hater, and I know you’re out there, just skip this site, okay? Otherwise prepare to sing “I’m a Barbie Girl” all day long after logging on to this website.

NickJr.com: My four-year-old digs playing games featuring her favorite characters, from Dora to Diego.

Sprout Online: My four-year-old loves to play Dress Chica. Kids can also send in their artwork to be featured on Sprout.

PBSKids.com: Great games and activities. If only Big Bird had been online when I was a kid.

Starfall.com: Wonderful site for young readers. Zac the Rat will forever remind me of my oldest daughter’s kindergarten days.

National Geographic Kids: Cool videos, games, and other activities about animals and science.

What are your favorite kid friendly Web sites?

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